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Social Work

Bismarck Public School Social Workers provide support to parents and students in a variety of ways:

1. Serve as a liaison between school, home, and community and advocate on behalf of families and students

2. Advocate for increased mental health awareness in our schools

3. Encourage school involvement in our community teams and meet with community agencies to keep current on the services available to parents and students

4. Attend building level meetings with families and school personnel to address student needs including assisting in student evaluation process, intervention plans, behavior plans, and classroom management strategies

5. Administer various evaluation protocols such as child, family, or teacher interviews, behavioral scales, functional behavioral assessments, etc.

6. Participate on building attendance teams and work with schools and families to identify and develop a plan for barriers of regular and consistent school attendance

7. Collaborate with school personnel, parents, and community agencies regarding students at risk
8. Meet with or communicate with parents to offer support with student academic, behavioral and emotional progress

9. Provide information on community resources to parents and assist in referrals for a variety of services

10. Support students through individual and group skill building instruction that may include social skills, self- control, anger management, etc.

11. Participate in the IEP team process and problem solving meetings and work collaboratively with teams on identifying interventions to address student academic and behavioral concerns

12. Practice and support the mission and philosophy of the wraparound process looking at the child's environment and where they are developmentally

13. Coordinate with parents and community agencies to support higher risk students

14. Plan and implement parent involvement events at the school

15. Work with parents and schools on the implementation of the six types of parental involvement: parenting, communicating, volunteering, collaborating with community, learning at home, and decision making

16. Assist with school and home crisis intervention plans that could include issues such as health problems, runaway child, abuse/neglect of a child, domestic violence, etc.

17. Provide assistance and ideas for teachers on classroom interventions

To speak with your school social worker, please call your child's school or the special education department at 323-4028.

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