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4 critical responses

by Community Relations

Posted on 8/31/2017

Critical Responses used in BPS:

Lockdown: occurs when there's an immediate threat to students/staff safety. All normal activity stops and students are taken to designated safe areas.

Shelter-in-Place: called when there is not an immediate threat to student/staff safety. A shelter-in-place is used as a PRECAUTIONARY measure. Depending on the situation, doors may or may not be locked, students may or may not be allowed to leave the classroom without adult supervision, and people may or may not be allowed to enter/exit the building. Examples: reports of a wild animal in the area, robbery or arrest being made near a school, escaped prisoner in the area, police responding to a domestic dispute, etc.

Tornado/Severe Weather: usually initiated by the National Weather Service. Staff will escort kids to a pre-designated safe area, generally interior rooms with no windows, hallways with no open ends, and basements.

Fire: initiated by the fire alarm. Staff will escort kids through the nearest exit and out of the building. Each school has designated a place where all classes meet and teachers take roll.

Also: Reunification Info:
1. Do NOT call your student. This ties up the phone lines for emergency phone calls to law enforcement and it also puts your student at risk in an intruder situation. If the student forgets or doesn't have time to turn down the ringer on his/her phone, your phone call could potentially give away their hiding spot.
2. Do NOT come to the school. Law enforcement will not let you get to the school anyway and you will potentially clog up roads that first responders need to use to gain access to the school. Wait for notification on Reunification Site from BPS.
3. BRING government issued ID to the reunification site. Students will not be released to parents/guardians who do not present proper identification.
4. We WILL communicate with you. BPS will send you a PowerAnnouncement via e-mails, phone calls, and text messages. We will post any further information at

Questions? Contact our Safety Coordinator Becky Labella, or 323-4086.

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