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Field Trip Requests

Click to submit a field trip request.
This information is for all Bismarck Public Schools teachers and administrators.

Field trips are offered during the school year to those teachers wishing to make use of out of school learning opportunities.

Submit a Field Trip Request

Field Trips are submitted through the Infofinder LE program and must be entered at least ten (10) days prior to the trip.

Field trips cannot be scheduled to leave a school before 8:30 am and the trip must be completed and the bus back at the school by 2:30 pm. These times are necessary so that the buses can complete their morning routes and be on time to leave the schools for their afternoon routes.

The cost of field trips is as follows:

In town trips will be charged by the hour per bus. The cost for a Harlow's bus is $65.00 per hour per bus with a two (2) hour minimum per bus.
For Field Trips that are 30 miles or more one way from the school Harlow's charges $2.49 per mile per bus.
The charges are subject to change dependent upon fuel prices.

Bus Conduct

In view of the fact that a bus is an extension of the classroom, children will be required to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the established standards of classroom behavior. Teachers are responsible for the behavior of the students on the school bus and must be diligent in enforcing the bus rules as follows:
Students are to remain seated while the bus is moving.
No yelling or hollering on the bus, normal conversation is allowed.
Food and drink are not permitted on the bus.
Students will be charged for any damage to the bus or bus seats.
Students will be expected to board and depart the bus in an orderly manner. Teachers should be at the bus while loading and unloading.
The teacher should make sure the bus is clean at the end of the trip by having the students pick up trash and put it in the proper receptacle.
If there are any questions please call the Transportation Office at 323-4500.

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