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Bus Inspection 2013
Transportation Secretary

Kathy Knudson
Phone: 701-323-4500
Fax: 701-323-4505

Bus Registration Information

Parents/Guardians of students registered to ride on April 29th and having a valid email address will receive an email regarding transportation registration for the 2016-17 school year on May 1, 2016. Simply follow the instructions in the email to register. If you do not receive the email or your student is not registered to ride on April 29 you will need to fill out the transportation registration form. Registration will close July 15th so new routes can be developed.

If you register AFTER July 15 it may take up to 30 days from the start of school before they can ride as our contracted vendor needs time to set up routes, line up buses and drivers, and send schedules to parents who have already registered.

2017-2018 Transportation Registration Form

2017-2018 Transportation Registration Form (link)

Transportation Information

Busing: Bismarck Public Schools provides transportation for all elementary students living within the BPS district boundaries. Students must live inside the attendance boundary for and live ˝ mile or more from the school to be eligible for busing.

Transportation is also provided to students who are within the BPS school district boundaries and who live more than one mile from any Middle or High Schools. Students must live inside the attendance boundaries of the school and live 1 mile or more from the school to be eligible for busing.

Special Needs & Head Start: Transportation is provided by BPS for special needs students as assigned by the Special Needs Department as well as eligible Head Start students assigned by the Early Childhood Education Program.

Not Riding Today: Parents are expected to notify the transportation department or Harlow's any day the student does not ride the bus. When a student does not ride the bus for five consecutive days and no notice has been made to the transportation department regarding the absence, the student's name will be removed from the database and he/she will be considered a nonrider. To request bus service for a student after he or she has been removed from the list, the parent must go through the registration process. If no one answers when you can, please leave a message including your student's name and bus number if known.

Routing: Bus routes, schedules, and stops will be developed under the direction of the superintendent and shall be communicated to parents whose children use the transportation system. The purpose of bus scheduling and routing will be to achieve maximum service with a minimum fleet of buses consistent with rendering reasonable equal service to all students. Bus routes will follow the most direct roads practicable for bus travel to serve those students entitled to transportation service. Where an alternate route may be selected without sacrifice of efficiency or economy, preference will be given to that route serving the largest number of students more directly. Routes will be designed to eliminate as many turn around points as possible, and to employ as nearly as practicable the full carrying capacity for each bus trip. No bus will be overloaded. New routes will be established only when full capacity of the trips on existing routes has been reached or is imminent.

Home to school distances will be determined by routing software that the Bismarck Public Schools uses.

School Bus Information Guide (pdf document)
File Size: 236.33 kb

Attendance Areas

Find Your School

We encourage parents and students to use Infofinderi to determine which schools a particular address is assigned to.

If you have difficulty using Infofinderi, call 323-4502

Click here for up-to-date attendance maps.

Transportation Policies and Rules

Click the links below to view the transportation policies.

FFA Student Alcohol and Other Drug Use (pdf document)
File Size: 80.73 kb

FFA-AR Alcohol and Other Drug Intervention and Disciplinary Procedure (pdf document)
File Size: 224.85 kb

FFC Student Conduct on District and/or Contracted Transportation (pdf document)
File Size: 202.51 kb

FFC-AR Student Conduct on School Transportation (pdf document)
File Size: 236.4 kb

FFD Weapons on School Property (pdf document)
File Size: 91.65 kb

FFI Student Responsible Use (pdf document)
File Size: 63.97 kb

FGCB Searches of Students and Students' Personal Property (pdf document)
File Size: 68.35 kb

IE Student Transportation Services (pdf document)
File Size: 193.71 kb

IEAA School Bus Safety (pdf document)
File Size: 210.57 kb

IEAC School Bus Scheduling and Routing (pdf document)
File Size: 195.11 kb

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