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District STEM Education

FIRST Tech Challenge
North Dakota FIRST Tech Challenge Tournament
A common list of skills our workforce needs includes:
-Problem Solving
-Innovative thinking
-Productive teamwork
-Generating multiple ideas
-Decision making
We want our students to learn to work productively in teams.

How will we bring the BPS teachers on board with STEM Education?
1. Identify what STEM Education is
2. Show BPS teachers what STEM looks like
3. Identify what teachers should be doing
4. Identify what students should be doing
5. Where do we hope to get? Where do we hope to go next?

How to get your school ready for STEM
1. Make sure everyone knows why the school is implementing STEM and what STEM is designed to accomplish.
WE want to prepare our students for successful careers in 21st century workforce.
We want our students to be better prepared in Math and Science. Art, math, history, language arts and other subject are included as well.
We want our students to be able to inquire, think, investigate and innovate.

Succesful K-12 STEM Education

National Academies Report Brief

Schedules and Activities

District STEM Activities Elementary/Middle/High School (pdf document)
File Size: 190.9 kb

Grade 3 and 4 WeDo Robotic Schedule (pdf document)
File Size: 295.44 kb

Grade 5 Lego Mindstorm Schedule (pdf document)
File Size: 179.49 kb

STEM Education Photos