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JA-Goals and Objectives (pdf document)
File Size: 6.53 kb

Issued 09/14/1981

JAAA-Student Handbooks (pdf document)
File Size: 6.34 kb

Issued 10/14/1996

JB - Attendance (pdf document)
File Size: 84.58 kb

Issued 01/12/2009

JB-R Attendance (pdf document)
File Size: 73.87 kb

Issued 02/09/2009

JBB-Entrance Age (pdf document)
File Size: 93.05 kb

Issued 6/10/2013

JBBA-Early Entrance Requirements to Kindergarten/Grade 1  (pdf document)
File Size: 174.57 kb

Issued 9/9/2013

JBBA-E-Early Entrance Considerations for Parents  (pdf document)
File Size: 14.23 kb

Issued 11/27/2006

JBBA-R-Early Entrance Requirements to Kindergarten/Grade 1  (pdf document)
File Size: 301.46 kb

Issued 9/9/2013

JBC-Student Immunizations (pdf document)
File Size: 57.54 kb

Issued 01/25/2010

JBC-R Student Immunizations (pdf document)
File Size: 58.2 kb

JBCA-Education of the Homeless (pdf document)
File Size: 7.13 kb

Issued 10/14/1996

JBCB-Non-Resident Students (pdf document)
File Size: 120.3 kb

Issued 03/10/1980

JBCBA-Tuition (pdf document)
File Size: 6.57 kb

Issued 10/26/1998

JBCBA-R-Tuition (pdf document)
File Size: 6.67 kb

Issued 10/26/1998

JBCBB-Open Enrollment Between School Districts (pdf document)
File Size: 69.32 kb

Issued 03/28/2011

JBCBB-R-Open Enrollment Between School Districts (doc document)
File Size: 31 kb

Issued 10/8/07

JBCBC-Students Educated in Home Schools (pdf document)
File Size: 131.83 kb

Issued 9/8/2014

JBCBC-R-Students Educated in Home Schools (pdf document)
File Size: 10.23 kb

Issued 03/08/2004

JBCBC-E-Students Educated in Home Schools Agreement (pdf document)
File Size: 9.85 kb

Issued 03/08/2004

JBCCA - School Assignment (pdf document)
File Size: 168.67 kb

Issued 2/24/2014

JBCCA-R1 School Assignment - Parent Initiated Transfers (pdf document)
File Size: 216.2 kb

Issued 8/11/2014

JBCCA-R2-School Assignment - Out of Attendance Area (pdf document)
File Size: 299.8 kb

Issued 8/11/2014

JBCCA-R3-Decision Making and Petition Process for Parent-Initiated Transfers (pdf document)
File Size: 203.9 kb

Issued 8/11/2014

JBCCB-R-Assignment to Teachers and Classes (pdf document)
File Size: 6.72 kb

Issued 09/14/1981

JBCD-Transfers and Withdrawals (pdf document)
File Size: 6.58 kb

Issued 09/14/1981

JBF-Released Time for Religious Instruction (pdf document)
File Size: 6.48 kb

Issued 09/14/1981

JC-Student Rights and Responsibilities (pdf document)
File Size: 7.44 kb

Issued 09/14/1981

JCAB-Interrogation, Search and Seizure (pdf document)
File Size: 9.46 kb

Issued 02/10/1986

JCDAB-Bullying (pdf document)
File Size: 285.56 kb

Issued 04/09/2012

JCDAE-Hazing (pdf document)
File Size: 226.14 kb

Issued 05/14/2012

JCDAF-Steroid Use (pdf document)
File Size: 6.59 kb

Issued 06/26/1989

JCDB-Dress Code (pdf document)
File Size: 7.18 kb

Issued 04/13/1998

JCEA-Student Complaints and Grievances (pdf document)
File Size: 7.05 kb

Issued 02/11/1980

JCED-Sexual Harassment of Students (pdf document)
File Size: 9.25 kb

Issued 10/03/2003

JCEE-Prohibited Discriminatory Harassment (pdf document)
File Size: 63.38 kb

Issued 10/03/2003

JCEF-Harassment of Students Prohibited (pdf document)
File Size: 11.38 kb

Issued 11/27/2000

JCEF-E-Parental Complaint Form (pdf document)
File Size: 93.32 kb

Issued 4/11/2011

JCEF-R-Harassment of Students Prohibited (pdf document)
File Size: 37.81 kb

Issued 11/27/2000

JD-Discipline (pdf document)
File Size: 172.82 kb

Issued 2/24/2014

JD-R-Student Conduct (pdf document)
File Size: 102.55 kb

Issued 2/24/2014

JDA-Corporal Punishment (pdf document)
File Size: 6.75 kb

Issued 05/23/1988

JDD/JDE-Suspension, Expulsion, and Reinstatement (pdf document)
File Size: 98.74 kb

Issued 12/11/2006

JDD/JDE-E1-Conducting Expulsion Hearings (pdf document)
File Size: 13.05 kb

Issued 12/05/2005

JDD/JDE-R-Guidelines for Suspension and Expulsion  (pdf document)
File Size: 22.61 kb

Issued 02/07/2000

JGCA-Head Lice (pdf document)
File Size: 65.16 kb

Issued 2/27/2012

JGCA-R-Head Lice Management (pdf document)
File Size: 99.66 kb

Issued 2/27/2012

JGCC-Communicable Diseases (pdf document)
File Size: 9.45 kb

Issued 11/08/1993

JGCC-R-Communicable Diseases (pdf document)
File Size: 7.82 kb

Issued 11/16/1994

JGCD-Medication Administration (pdf document)
File Size: 7.33 kb

Issued 08/11/2003

JGCE-Student Assistance (pdf document)
File Size: 6.97 kb

Issued 07/14/1986

JGCE-R-Student Assistance (pdf document)
File Size: 18.63 kb

Issued 06/27/1996

JGCF-Physical Activity and Nutrition  (pdf document)
File Size: 53.12 kb

Issued 07/01/2006

JGCF-R-Physical Activity and Nutrition  (pdf document)
File Size: 59.52 kb

Issued 07/01/2006

JGCH-Concussion Management (pdf document)
File Size: 307.16 kb

Issued 9/8/2014

JGCH-R-Concussion Management Program (pdf document)
File Size: 336.39 kb

Issued 8/11/2014

JGDAG-Weapons in the Schools (pdf document)
File Size: 10.59 kb

Issued 01/24/2000

JGFG-Emergency Illness/Accidents (pdf document)
File Size: 7.16 kb

Issued 07/12/1993

JGFG-R-Emergency Illness/Accidents (pdf document)
File Size: 6.67 kb

Issued 07/12/1993

JGI-Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect (pdf document)
File Size: 7.77 kb

Issued 10/28/1996

JGJ-Crisis Prevention and Procedure (pdf document)
File Size: 6.26 kb

Issued 07/11/1988

JHC-Student Organizations (pdf document)
File Size: 9.02 kb

Issued 01/13/1997

JHCC-Student Publications (pdf document)
File Size: 6.61 kb

Issued 10/28/1996

JHD-Student Social Events (pdf document)
File Size: 6.33 kb

Issued 02/11/1980

JKB-Student Fund-Raising Activities (pdf document)
File Size: 6.01 kb

Issued 01/29/2001

JKB-E-Student Fund-Raising Exhibit (pdf document)
File Size: 5.21 kb

JKB-R-Student Fund-Raising Activities (pdf document)
File Size: 4.89 kb

Issued 01/29/2001

JL-Vendor Contact with Pupils (pdf document)
File Size: 6.26 kb

Issued 07/11/1988

JLB-Student Gifts to School (pdf document)
File Size: 6.25 kb

Issued 02/11/1980

JM-Contests for Students (pdf document)
File Size: 6.62 kb

Issued 02/11/1980

JN-Awards and Scholarships (pdf document)
File Size: 6.15 kb

Issued 02/11/1980

JQE/F-Married and/or Pregnant Students (pdf document)
File Size: 6.42 kb

Issued 02/11/1980

JQH-Drop-Outs (pdf document)
File Size: 6.26 kb

Issued 02/11/1980

JQH-R-Guidelines for Students Leaving BHS or CHS to attend SCHS (pdf document)
File Size: 7.1 kb

Issued 10/05/1995

JQK-Exchange Students (pdf document)
File Size: 10.06 kb

Issued 11/10/1997

JR-Student Educational Records (pdf document)
File Size: 14.02 kb

Issued 10/23/2006

JRA-Protection of Pupil Rights  (pdf document)
File Size: 11.92 kb

Issued 02/14/2005

JS-Student Fees, Fines, and Charges (pdf document)
File Size: 98.74 kb

Issued 4/14/2014

JS-R-Student Fees, Fines, and Charges (pdf document)
File Size: 8.01 kb

Issued 07/15/1999

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