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Healthy School Snacks

Parents, we need your help in teaching our children long-term healthy snacking. Nutritious foods are essential to fuel the brain to promote good learning in the classroom. Remember, classroom snacks are optional.

Keep the following criteria in mind when sending school snacks:

*Choose 'nutrient-rich' snacks with an emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables.
*Keep snacks at about 100 calories or less, especially if eaten prior to lunch.
*Sugar should not be listed as the first ingredient.

Snacks That Promote Better Health and Learning
Fresh Fruit & Vegetables
Dried Fruit (i.e, raisins, apricots)
Canned Fruit in light syrup
100% Fruit or Vegetable Juice
String Cheese
Cottage Cheese
Beef Jerky
Lean Meat slices
Hard Boiled Eggs
Light Popcorn
Dry Cereals (low sugar)

Note: *Use small snack bags or containers for appropriate portion sizes. Snacks too high in calories many spoil a student's appetite for lunch. A higher calorie snack may be necessary for more active, older children.

*Snack Bars (granola, yogurt, & cereal), and cheese or peanut butter crackers, are convenient, but may contain added sugars and excess calories for a snack before lunch. Choose snack bars that contain about 100 calories or less and have whole grains as the main ingredient.

Items TO AVOID for Classroom Snacks
Fruit Snacks or Fruit Roll-Ups
Chips or Cheese Puffs
Toaster Pastries (i.e. PopTarts)
Cookies, Cupcakes, Brownies
Store-bought Muffins, Donuts
Sugary Beverages (Pop, Punch, Sports or Energy Drinks)

According to the BPS Wellness Policy, these food/beverage items do not meet nutrition standards for healthy classroom snacks. These items are fine in moderation at home, but are unacceptable as regular classroom snacks. Teachers may ask students who bring these items into the classroom to put them into their backpacks until after school. We ask parents and students to support snack choices that align with health and nutrition education taught in the schools and with the BPS Wellness Policy!

Bismarck Public Schools aim to teach, encourage, and support healthy eating.

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