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Parent Resources

This section provides a list of resources available on the web. These are sites that are relevant to American Indian Education, parent educational resources, state organizations, national organizations, internet safety and other pertinent information.

“Connecting Cultures and Classrooms: K-12 Curriculum Guide (Language Arts, Science, Social Studies)” (link)

Indian Education for All. K-12 Curriculum Guide for Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.

American Indian Issues: An Introductory and Curricular Guide for Educators (link)

American Indian Issues: An Introductory and Curricular Guide for Educators contents were made possible by the American Indian Civics Project (AICP),a project initially funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation's Native American Higher Education Initiative. The Project operated from 1997-98 through 2000-01. The primary goal of the AICP was to provide educators with the tools to educate secondary students - Indian and non-native alike - about the historical and contemporary political, economic, and social characteristics of sovereign tribal nations throughout the United States.

Cradleboard Teaching Project  (link)

The Cradleboard Teaching Project was founded by Buffy Sainte-Marie in 1996. The site grew out of her experiences as a teacher who traveled widely, thanks to a concert career as a well-known Native American singer and songwriter. In October of 1996, Sainte-Marie received a grant to assist in the development of the site and since that time has modeled the Cradleboard Teaching Project in Mohawk, Cree, Ojibwe, Menominee, Coeur d´Alene, Navajo, Quinnault, Hawaiian, and Apache communities in eleven states, each of whom have partnered with a non-Indian class of the same grade level. The site has created accurate, enriching core curriculum units for Elementary, Middle, and High School grades in the disciplines of Geography, History, Social Studies, Music and Science. Their first interactive multimedia curriculum CD, "Science: Through Native American Eyes", is now available to participating teachers and users everywhere.

Digital Teacher Workshop (link)

The Digital Teacher Workshops are designed to provide professional development training for Teachers of American Indians and Alaska Natives in all grade levels and content areas.

Exploring Native Americans Across the Curriculum (link)

This is a page at the Education World site that highlights learning about Native Americans (in a general sense) across the curriculum. There are lots of good ideas and sample lesson plans for all ages and content areas at this site.

Native American Cultures Across the U.S. (link)

How are American Indians represented in today's society? What are some cultural traditions and customs that have changed over the centuries? Which ones have continued into the present? This website provides lesson plans for addressing these questions and more about historical and contemporary Native Americans.

Teaching Tolerance: Learning Lakota (link)

This site offers an online magazine with a variety of stories related to equity issues. It also offers a link for subscribing for the free magazine, Teaching Tolerance, published by the Southern Poverty Law Center. It is published twice a year and offers are good variety of teaching resources, including professional and children's books that can be used as teaching tools.

The Earliest Immigrants/Grades 6-8 (link)

Students will understand the following:
1. The traditional and modern theories about the origins of the first inhabitants of North America.
2. The lifestyles and survival strategies of Native Americans who lived long ago in the students' own geographical area.
3. The manner in which evolving modern theories of human migration are changing the way we look at history and cultivating awareness of racial and cultural stereotypes.

ISafe (link)

i-Safe Inc.is the leading internet safety education site. Please join us today in the fight to safeguard our children's online experience.

National Indian Education Association (link)

National Indian Education news, issues, events and services.

Parent Institute (link)

Tips parents could use to help their Children.

EduTech: Education Technology Services (link)

EduTech provides information technology services and education technology professional development.

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