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Indian Education


Bismarck Public Schools
Office of Indian Education
Johnson O'Malley & Title VII Programs
1312 South Columbia Dr. (Moses Elementary School)
Bismarck, North Dakota 58504
Phone (701) 323-4050
Fax (701) 323-4001

Chadwick Kramer
Office of Indian Education, Coordinator
(701) 323-4050

Dr. Jason Hornbacher
Office of Indian Education, Director
Principal, Moses Elementary School
(701) 323-4180

Increase Native American student graduation rates.

BPS Indian Education program operates in accordance with the Indian Education Act of 1972. The act is recognition of the unique educational and cultural needs of American Indian students in the United States. Today, BPS Indian Education serves 1100 Native students representing approximately 50 Tribal nations.


The Indian Education programs in the Bismarck School District, Title VII and Johnson O'Malley (J.O.M.), are intended to meet special academic and liaison needs of American Indian students.

The Indian Education programs are coordinated through a parent advisory committee composed of parents and guardians of American Indian students, public school teachers and or guidance counselors and American Indian Middle or High school students. They advise the Minority Director, Project Coordinator and District in the direction and implementation of the Indian Education programs.

It is the intent of the Indian Education programs to collaborate with the existing programs in the Bismarck Public School.

Student Eligibility:

Johnson O'Malley (JOM)
Students must be enrolled in a federally recognized tribe. Students must have proof of tribal enrollment (or a minimum requirement of 1/4 tribal blood from parents) on file in the BPS Indian Education office to receive JOM services.

Title VII
Students are eligible if they are enrolled or have a parent or grandparent enrolled in a federally recognized tribe. Students must have a valid 506 form (Title VII) on file in the BPS Indian Education office to receive Title VII services.

Forms can be obtained at individual school sites, on our website or at the Indian Education office