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Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions A-Z

Account Technician 1 (pdf document)
File Size: 76 kb

Activities Director (pdf document)
File Size: 99.27 kb

Admin Secretary to Assist Supt (pdf document)
File Size: 93.44 kb

Admin Secretary to Dir of FT (pdf document)
File Size: 88.33 kb

Admin Secretary to Dir of Spec Educ (pdf document)
File Size: 88.88 kb

Admin Secretary to HR Manager (pdf document)
File Size: 38.71 kb

Alternative High School Principal (pdf document)
File Size: 74.56 kb

Assist Career & Technology Dir (pdf document)
File Size: 75.26 kb

Assist Dir of Facilities & Transportation (pdf document)
File Size: 77.34 kb

Assist Elementary Principal (pdf document)
File Size: 77.39 kb

Assist Middle School Principal (pdf document)
File Size: 75.59 kb

Assist Senior High Principal (pdf document)
File Size: 76.18 kb

Assist Superintendent - Elementary (pdf document)
File Size: 74.43 kb

Assist Transportation Coordinator (doc document)
File Size: 25.5 kb

BECEP Coordinator (pdf document)
File Size: 69.07 kb

BECEP Health Manager (pdf document)
File Size: 9.33 kb

Bus Driver (pdf document)
File Size: 75.51 kb

Bus Driver - Part Time (pdf document)
File Size: 65.97 kb

Bus Driver Equipment Repair (pdf document)
File Size: 77.99 kb

Bus Driver Utility (pdf document)
File Size: 77.24 kb

Bus Rider (pdf document)
File Size: 5.84 kb

Business Manager (pdf document)
File Size: 6.86 kb

Camp Edventure Secretary (pdf document)
File Size: 5.67 kb

Carpenter - Utility Maintenance (pdf document)
File Size: 74.85 kb

Child Nutrition Dietitian (pdf document)
File Size: 5.02 kb

CTE Career Advisor (pdf document)
File Size: 63.29 kb

Custodial Supervisor (pdf document)
File Size: 153.12 kb

Custodian I (pdf document)
File Size: 74.68 kb

Custodian II (pdf document)
File Size: 77.6 kb

Dean of Students (pdf document)
File Size: 72.39 kb

Delivery Assist/Maintenance (pdf document)
File Size: 183.18 kb

Dir of Career & Technical Education (pdf document)
File Size: 5.48 kb

Dir of Community Relations (pdf document)
File Size: 76.27 kb

Director of Accounting (pdf document)
File Size: 75.58 kb

District Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment Specialist (pdf document)
File Size: 66.83 kb

District Library Media Coordinator (pdf document)
File Size: 117.99 kb

District Safety Coordinator (pdf document)
File Size: 77.48 kb

Electrician Apprentice (pdf document)
File Size: 76.05 kb

Electrician Journeyman (pdf document)
File Size: 76.19 kb

Elementary Behavioral Strategist (pdf document)
File Size: 67.96 kb

Elementary Librarian (pdf document)
File Size: 77.07 kb

Elementary Library Assistant (pdf document)
File Size: 9.19 kb

Elementary Literacy Coordinator (pdf document)
File Size: 83.6 kb

Elementary Reading Coach (pdf document)
File Size: 67.13 kb

Elementary School Principal (pdf document)
File Size: 79.68 kb

Elementary School Secretary (pdf document)
File Size: 76.39 kb

Facility Maintenance (pdf document)
File Size: 73.51 kb

Food Service Assistant Cook (pdf document)
File Size: 73.67 kb

Food Service Assistant Cook Manager (pdf document)
File Size: 75.82 kb

Food Service Delivery (pdf document)
File Size: 74.94 kb

Food Service Delivery Assistant (pdf document)
File Size: 74.62 kb

Food Service Manager I (pdf document)
File Size: 76.35 kb

Food Service Manager II (pdf document)
File Size: 75.46 kb

Grants Accountant  (pdf document)
File Size: 72.42 kb

Grants Accounting Manager (pdf document)
File Size: 5.45 kb

Grounds Foreman (pdf document)
File Size: 77.83 kb

Grounds Maintenance (pdf document)
File Size: 76.13 kb

Head Start Coordinator (pdf document)
File Size: 70.62 kb

High School Secretary to Principal (pdf document)
File Size: 80.53 kb

Human Resource Manager (pdf document)
File Size: 7.06 kb

Individual Program Coordinator (pdf document)
File Size: 74.38 kb

Instructional Aide I (pdf document)
File Size: 69.44 kb

Instructional Aide II (pdf document)
File Size: 69.83 kb

Instructional Aide III (pdf document)
File Size: 66.61 kb

Instructional Strategist (pdf document)
File Size: 4.84 kb

Library Aide - Middle and High School (pdf document)
File Size: 6.96 kb

Library Assistant - Elementary (pdf document)
File Size: 7.16 kb

LMS Staff Developer (pdf document)
File Size: 79.98 kb

Mechanical Maintenance - HVAC Technician (pdf document)
File Size: 87.45 kb

Middle School Principal (pdf document)
File Size: 80.69 kb

Middle School Secretary to Principal (pdf document)
File Size: 80.52 kb

Neighbors Network (pdf document)
File Size: 90.91 kb

Occupational Therapist (pdf document)
File Size: 79.1 kb

Office Manager - CHS (pdf document)
File Size: 126.89 kb

Parent - Family Liaison (pdf document)
File Size: 62.32 kb

Positive Behavior Support Coach (pdf document)
File Size: 72.65 kb

Psychologist (pdf document)
File Size: 75.23 kb

Right Track Program Coordinator (pdf document)
File Size: 72.37 kb

RTI Coach (pdf document)
File Size: 86.76 kb

Safety Coordinator (pdf document)
File Size: 178.74 kb

School Based K-3 Performance Strategist (pdf document)
File Size: 73.26 kb

School Based Math Coach (pdf document)
File Size: 67.37 kb

School Based Reading Coach (pdf document)
File Size: 75.79 kb

School Social Worker (pdf document)
File Size: 71.47 kb

Secretary I Office Aide (pdf document)
File Size: 67.78 kb

Secretary III (pdf document)
File Size: 6.52 kb

Secretary to Principal - BHS (pdf document)
File Size: 108.6 kb

Secretary to Principal - CHS (pdf document)
File Size: 127.54 kb

Senior High School Principal (pdf document)
File Size: 80.85 kb

Shop Supervisor (pdf document)
File Size: 183.34 kb

Special Ed Coordinator (pdf document)
File Size: 76.44 kb

Special Ed Director (pdf document)
File Size: 75.65 kb

Special Projects Coordinator (pdf document)
File Size: 175.59 kb

Speech Aide (pdf document)
File Size: 67.06 kb

Spray Painter (pdf document)
File Size: 64.79 kb

Students in Transition Coordinator (pdf document)
File Size: 78.85 kb

Summer Utility Painter (pdf document)
File Size: 66.69 kb

Summer Utility/Grounds Maintenance (pdf document)
File Size: 74.84 kb

Teacher Aide (Circle Project) (pdf document)
File Size: 77.25 kb

Teacher on Special Assignment (pdf document)
File Size: 75.73 kb

Teacher on Special Assignment - Career & Technical Center (pdf document)
File Size: 5.89 kb

Teacher on Special Assignment - Elementary (pdf document)
File Size: 75.73 kb

Title I Family Engagement Coordinator (pdf document)
File Size: 88.57 kb

Transition Coordinator (pdf document)
File Size: 73.31 kb

Transition Teacher (pdf document)
File Size: 119.45 kb

Transportation Supervisor (pdf document)
File Size: 75.55 kb

Utility Grounds Maintenance (pdf document)
File Size: 76.8 kb

Technology Director (pdf document)
File Size: 135.91 kb

Technology Assistant Director - Core Tech (pdf document)
File Size: 241.3 kb

Technology IT Systems Coordinator (pdf document)
File Size: 205.07 kb

Technology Network Coordinator (pdf document)
File Size: 156.02 kb

Technology Systems Innovator - Blended Learning (pdf document)
File Size: 156.82 kb

Technology Systems Innovator - Data (pdf document)
File Size: 149.9 kb

Technology Project Leader (pdf document)
File Size: 170.15 kb

Technology Information Center Specialist (pdf document)
File Size: 132.45 kb

Technology Support Specialist (pdf document)
File Size: 135.15 kb

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