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Professional Growth Phase

Plan II - Professional Growth Phase


Teachers with more than three years of satisfactory service who are demonstrating standards of effective teaching.


To support teacher-led self assessment
To promote professional growth
To enhance student learning
To provide feedback on professional issues
To focus on Balanced ScoreCard initiatives


A formal self-assessment process for teachers
Develop and implement a plan for professional growth
Informal observations to assess professional practices
Artifacts to demonstrate levels of performance


Teacher conducts a self-assessment
Based on self-assessment and BPS Balanced ScoreCard Initiatives the teacher develops a Professional Growth Plan for one, two or three years
Teacher and administrator review the plan and decide what artifacts the teacher will need to track the progress on the professional growth plan
Prior to March 15 the teacher will meet with the administrator to review their progress on their development plan and complete the professional growth plan review, which will be placed in the teacher's personnel file

Step 1 - Self Assessment

Step 2 - Description

Step 3 - Review

Peer Coaching Model (doc document)
File Size: 109 kb

Peer Coaching involves teachers working together to suggest ways to improve teaching and learning. Teachers can use this model to develop their professional growth plan.

Project Model (doc document)
File Size: 110.5 kb

In this model of professional development two or more teachers would select a project that specifically relates to an aspect of teaching, the curriculum, support services or supervision.

Research Model (doc document)
File Size: 111 kb

This model of professional growth gives teachers the opportunity to research a specific educationl topic.

Staff Development Model (doc document)
File Size: 110 kb

This model of staff development allows teachers to share effective practices with other teachers by attending staff development and then training other teachers in the district.

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