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PEP Tools

Professional Excellence Program Tools

The Professional Excellence Program Tools were developed to help teachers with their professional development and have artifacts for their evaluation.

For additional information on using the tools contract Lisa Kudelka, Human Resources Manager at 323-4071 or email at lisa_kudelka@bismarckschools.org.

Reflection on Lesson (T1) (doc document)
File Size: 123.5 kb

Reflection on Students and Resources (T2) (doc document)
File Size: 124 kb

Reflection on Instruction for a Single Lesson (T3) (doc document)
File Size: 125 kb

Family Contact Log (T4) (doc document)
File Size: 160 kb

Professional Contribution Log (T5) (doc document)
File Size: 140.5 kb

Professional Development Log (T6) (doc document)
File Size: 142.5 kb

School and District Contribution Log (T7) (doc document)
File Size: 142.5 kb

Research Log (T8) (doc document)
File Size: 128 kb

Instructional Artifact Sheet (T9) (doc document)
File Size: 123.5 kb

Classroom Environment Plan (T10) (doc document)
File Size: 130.5 kb

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