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Academic Research

BPS Employee Research Requests and Authorization

As a learning organization, Bismarck Public Schools encourages continued education and academic research efforts by our employees. Many requests are received asking permission to conduct surveys or asking for data samples that can be used to investigate and evaluate programs and processes. The following information pertains to all graduate-level research that is part of a degreed/accredited program. Research regarding our BPS educational practices and the effect of those practices on student achievement is only a win/win if we are clear about the research questions. It is also important for the researcher to report back on the results and recommendations. Gathering and arranging data can be one of the most time consuming parts of research and this typically falls on our limited assessment and evaluation staff. In an effort to streamline these requests the process for gaining approval is as follows:

(1) Complete this survey outlining your study. Authorization Requests
(2) Your study will be reviewed by the Executive Team, typically within two weeks.
(3) If your study is authorized you will receive information regarding a contact for data or next steps.
(4) You will be required to submit an executive summary of your results. You should post it in the #learnbps Academic Research Blog area. #learnbps Blog

Note: BPS does not provide student data that would include individually identifying information (e.g. student numbers).

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