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Sheltered Journey

Sheltered Journey
Sheltered Journey is a federally funded grant program aimed at improving academic proficiency for eligible American Indian students.

The Sheltered Journey Program at BHS has 3 main goals:
* To increase academic English proficiency of American Indian students
* To increase eligible American Indian students' overall academic proficiency
* To increase Academic English instructional skills of content area teachers

Professional development activities, parental involvement activities, and after school culture club activities are planned and offered.

The Sheltered Journey program works in collaboration with the JOM program, BPS Indian Education program, and the ASSIST program.

Additionally, Melanie Bernier, BHS Sheltered Journey Academic Language Coach, provides direct academic language instruction to eligible students at BHS. Wendy Sanderson is the Academic Language Coach at Wachter Middle School.

Sheltered Journey schools include BHS, WMS, Riverside, Myhre, Moses, and Solheim.

Contact Information:
Melanie Bernier--323-4800 x 6210
Bismarck High School
800 N 8th Street
Bismarck, ND 58501

Wendy Sanderson--323-4650
Wachter Middle School
1107 South 7th Street
Bismarck, ND 58504

  • The child in the logo reminds us that at the center of learning is a youthful love. The Lakota believe that the child is sacred and should always be honored and respected.
  • The blue color behind the child means the color of the sky above and/or the Grandfather's wisdom.
  • The green color of the book represents the color of Grandmother Earth and her giving nature and love.
  • The eagle relates to the spiritual nature of life. An eagle represents the gift of foresight and planning ahead, as well as having good feelings.
  • The colors of the Medicine Wheel are black (West), red (East), white (North), and yellow (South).
  • The pointy lines around the child are called Vertebrae. Lakota belief is that the Vertebrae symbolize strength and fortitude.

Sheltered Journey logo and explanation of Lakota symbolism provided by Mark L. Mindt

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