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Procedures for student identification by teacher referral

This list of procedures should be followed if:
  • A student is influenced by another language at home (spoken by other family members).
  • The student is American Indian and is not meeting proficiency on district assessments and is not succeeding in the classroom.
  1. Teachers complete the Referral Checklist indicating data and evidence of a student's struggle to succeed in classroom instruction and district assessments. Teachers should get to know students before making this referral at the beginning of the school year. Refer to Referral Checklist for ELL Screening in Forms of ELL Administrative binder.
  2. Send completed form to ELA office where it will be evaluated for referral.
  3. Parents are notified of language proficiency screening
    • Screening (W-APT) will be scheduled at the teacher and student's convenience and will last approx. 60 minutes.
    • Screening for K students cannot be completed until the end of 2nd quarter as indicated by the assessment tool.
    • Refer to Correspondence of ELL administrative binder.
    • Refer to WIDA of ELL administrative binder.
  4. Student Individual Language Plans (ILP) will be written for students who qualify for ELL services.
    • The ILP will be updated on a yearly basis.
    • Students will have the right to accommodations, modified curriculum, modified grades and support services, based on need and level of English language proficiency. (See section IV.D.)
*Students who are receiving accommodations, modified curriculum and grading shall participate in ELL programming at parent discretion.

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