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Procedures for student identification at student enrollment/registration

  1. Bismarck Public School's registration form is completed. This form indicates the home language. A Home Language Survey needs to be given to parents to be completed. Refer to Home Language Survey under forms of ELL administrative binder.
  2. A Home Language Survey is administered. The student is interviewed with a parent(s)/guardian(s) in order to gather relevant home background, cultural information, and educational history. During this interview, a facilitator or translator, if needed or requested, may help to interview the student and parents about any school or non-school experiences (e.g., number of years in school, exposure to other languages, family movements, native language literacy, etc,) which may affect the student's ability to learn.
  3. Referral is made.
  4. Students who enter the Bismarck School District from other countries shall follow the same policies and guidelines as all students. An Individual Language Plan (ILP) will be developed for all students who are learning English as a new language. Refer to Individual Language Plan (ILP) under Forms of ELL administrative binder.
  5. An English Language Proficiency Assessment will be completed within 30 days of enrollment if the student enrolls at the beginning of the school year or within 14 days of enrollment if the student enrolls mid-year.
    • Parent notification of assessment.
    • The W-APT screening tool of the ACCESS for ELLs assessment is utilized by the Bismarck Public Schools.
      • The ELL Resource teacher is responsible for the assessment of the LEP students. An ELL Resource teacher or will administer the assessment.
      • Screening for K students cannot be completed until the end of 2nd quarter as indicated by the assessment tool.
      • Based on the testing results, a recommendation for placement is made and all forms required for students entering Bismarck Public Schools are completed. The student(s) and family are informed of recommended placement, and all assessment and registration materials arc made available to the LSC team.
    • Refer to Correspondence and WIDA of ELL administrative binder.
  6. Student Individual Language Plans (ILP) will be written for all identified LEP students.
    • The ILP will be updated on a yearly basis.
    • Students will have the right to accommodations, modified curriculum, modified grades and support services, based on need and level of English language proficiency. (See section IV.D.)

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