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Exiting & Reclassification

Students classified as English language learners (ELLs) will no longer be considered limited-English proficient when they have the language skills necessary to compete with mainstream English speakers in age and grade appropriate settings in all areas of language development without the use of adapted or modified English materials.

These ELL students will:
  1. Understand and speak English in relation to the full range of demands or the classroom and the academic language needed to succeed;
  2. Read and comprehend English as evidenced by successful classroom performance and a proficient score on standardized achievement tests;
  3. Write English as evidenced by successful classroom performance and a proficient scores on standardized achievement tests; and
  4. Meet or exceed district guidelines in their academic subjects.
In general, when the student scores a Level 6.0 composite score on the ACCESS for ELLs® the student is exited from the English language proficiency (ELP) program. However, the district may also consider exiting an ELL student by applying the following criteria and evidence:
  1. The student is in the fourth grade at a minimum.
  2. The student has attained English language proficiency (ELP) levels.
  3. Two or more additional pieces of evidence of English language proficiency (ELP) must be evaluated and kept on file in the district.
  4. Parents and teachers agree that the student has reached full English proficiency. Parents must be a part of the exit decision; other pertinent team members may include the ELL teacher, the classroom teacher(s), and other relevant staff.
The following are examples of evidence that may be used to document that the student has become fully English proficient.
  • District/school writing samples meet or exceed grade level expectations.
  • Student scores a 5.5 or above on the Reading section of the ACCESS for ELLs®.
  • Student scores arc in the proficient or advanced categories on the North Dakota State Assessment (NDSA) without ELL accommodations in all assessed content areas.
  • Student is achieving academically at their age appropriate grade level without the use of adapted or modified English materials.
  • Other relevant evidence (e.g., excellent grades, class work, and performance on local assessments).
NOTE: Evidence collected for all criteria listed above should be kept on file in the district. The district is required to monitor the exiting student for two additional years. Districts must keep documentation (grade level, ELP composite score, plus two or more pieces of evidence) on file throughout the two-year monitoring period for an exited student. During these two years of monitoring, student scores will count toward district subgroup AYI).

After the two-year monitoring period, students will be reclassified as fully English proficient.

Refer to Exit Form under Forms of ELL administrative binder.

Once reclassified as fully English proficient, the student will no longer:
  • Be administered the ACCESS for ELLs ®.
  • Receive testing accommodations for ELLs on NDSA.

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