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Health and Wellness

Food/Snacks/Celebration information

Food Programs and Wellness Info

Benefits of Healthy Celebrations

Birthday Celebration Menu

Healthy Classroom Snacks

Celebration Handouts

Classroom Snacks, Celebrations and More

Teachers, we need your help in teaching our children long-term healthy snacking. Nutritious foods are essential to fuel the brain to promote good learning in the classroom.Use the following materials for ideas!

Classroom Physical Activity Videos (link)

Benefits of Healthy Celebrations (pdf document)
File Size: 304.15 kb

Classroom Celebrations Sheet (pdf document)
File Size: 439.95 kb

Editable Birthday Celebration Menu (doc document)
File Size: 225.5 kb

Healthy Fundraising (pdf document)
File Size: 202.75 kb

Healthy Classroom Snacks (pdf document)
File Size: 465.79 kb

Nonfood Rewards (pdf document)
File Size: 328.94 kb

Party Planning Guide (pdf document)
File Size: 94.89 kb

Nutrition Resource Articles

100 Calorie Snacks (pdf document)
File Size: 266.84 kb

All or Nothing Thinking (pdf document)
File Size: 329.15 kb

Discretionary Calories (pdf document)
File Size: 313.53 kb

Energy Drinks (pdf document)
File Size: 372.03 kb

Energy Output vs Input (pdf document)
File Size: 196.5 kb

Exercise the Body and Mind (pdf document)
File Size: 134.31 kb

Family Meals (pdf document)
File Size: 460.77 kb

Food Industry and Effects on Children (pdf document)
File Size: 437.57 kb

Get Your Plate in Shape (pdf document)
File Size: 396.43 kb

Healthy Breakfast Ideas (pdf document)
File Size: 229.22 kb

Healthy Classroom Snacks (pdf document)
File Size: 465.79 kb

Legumes (pdf document)
File Size: 442.42 kb

Lunchroom Experience (pdf document)
File Size: 333.15 kb

Meals on the go (pdf document)
File Size: 607.79 kb

Nutrition for Optimal Health (pdf document)
File Size: 210.96 kb

Nutrition Misconceptions (pdf document)
File Size: 339.51 kb

Oversnacking (pdf document)
File Size: 328.6 kb

Physical Activity (pdf document)
File Size: 330.33 kb

Portion Sizes Hands-on (pdf document)
File Size: 179.44 kb

Snack Bars (pdf document)
File Size: 185.35 kb

Soup Recipes (pdf document)
File Size: 296.19 kb

Sugar Sweetened Beverages (pdf document)
File Size: 281.72 kb

Summer Gardening (pdf document)
File Size: 287.05 kb

Supermarket Shopping (pdf document)
File Size: 448.56 kb

Teaching Good Food Habits (pdf document)
File Size: 445.71 kb

Whole Grains (pdf document)
File Size: 338.15 kb

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