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Child Nutrition

General Information

806 North Washington
Bismarck ND 58501
Phone: 701-323-4090
Fax: 701-323-4001

Michelle Wagner

Dar Wixcey

Joan Knoll
Licensed Registered Dietitian

MealViewer app
NEW MealViewer

The Child Nutrition Dept. is excited to announce MealViewer, a new mobile app and web-viewer. New Mealviewer features will be available Friday, May 19 to tailor to your student(s) needs. Print the lunch menu on one page; choose the meal options you want using the content control and print. Also, the Mealviewer app will prompt you to enter student's name, school, allergens, and the option to receive notifications. All information provided will be for your personal use.

Download the FREE MealViewer To Go app in Google Play or Itunes Store. Using your mobile device click on a menu item and you will be able to rate this item 1-100. This data will be collected and used to help make improvements for our students.

MealViewer will display menus along with nutritional and allergen information for items served for breakfast and lunch. Easily calculate carbohydrate grams for diabetics and check for allergens in menu items. This new live menu will replace the current pdf menu and still offer the option to print from the web-viewer. Print plain text for a full month on two pages or pdf for one week per page. View web-viewer MealViewer.

How to print the menu.

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Child Nutrition Audit

Child Nutrition Review 2015

Update on Power Pack Lunches

Update on Power Pack Lunches (pdf document)
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Lunch Menus

Lunch Menus

 Log into MyPayments Plus

My Payments Plus

We are currently experiencing issues with MyPaymentsPlus payments going into student accounts. We are hoping to have this problem resolved by the end of today, Wednesday, May 17.

My Payments Plus Login

Beginning on July 1, 2015 the capabilities of the My Payments Plus program are expanding so that a host of fees can all be paid online. The best part about this is that there is no longer a surcharge. BPS encourages parents to pay in this fashion as it will streamline the process on both ends and will provide parents a better way to track payments. Please click on the link below for instructions on how to setup a My Payments Plus account.

My Payments Plus User Guide


Bismarck Public Schools maintains an affordable food service program. Applications for free and reduced price meals are available at the Food Service Department located in the Hughes Educational Center and at all school buildings.

Meal and milk costs for the current year are:

  • Milk (1/2 pint) $.40
  • Elementary
    • Breakfast $1.15
    • Lunch $2.00
  • Secondary
    • Breakfast $1.25
    • Lunch $2.50
  • Adult
    • Breakfast $1.75
    • Lunch $3.25
  • Reduced
    • Breakfast No Charge
    • Lunch $.40

Estimated Meal Start Times by Building
High Schools Breakfast Lunch
Bismarck High School 7:30-9:15 11:00-1:30
Century High School 7:00-8:30 11:00-1:40
Legacy High School 7:30-9:10 10:50-1:30
South Central High School 8:00-8:30 11:30-12:10
Middle Schools Breakfast Lunch
Horizon 7:20-7:55 11:47-1:32
Simle 7:30-7:55 11:06-1:08
Wachter 7:20-7:55 11:47-1:32
Elementary Breakfast Lunch
Centennial 7:45-8:15 11:45-12:45
Grimsrud 7:45-8:15 11:45-12:45
Highland Acres 7:45-8:15 11:40-12:10
Liberty 7:45-8:15 11:00-12:40
Lincoln 7:45-8:15 11:00-1:00
Robert Miller 7:45-8:15 11:10-12:15
Dorothy Moses 7:45-8:15 11:45-12:45
Rita Murphy 7:40-8:25 11:00-1:00
Jeannette Myhre 7:45-8:15 11:20-12:40
Northridge 7:45-8:15 11:00-12:15
Pioneer 7:45-8:15 11:15-1:05
Prairie Rose 7:45-8:20 11:53-12:45
Roosevelt 7:45-8:15 12:00-12:45
Solheim 7:45-8:15 11:25-1:00
Sunrise 7:45-8:20 11:20-1:05
Will-Moore 7:45-8:15 11:20-12:40