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What people say...

Sale of local housing units up 5%
(Source: Bismarck Tribune, July 10, 2016)
A SmartAsset study ranked Bismarck 4th among U.S. housing markets with the most stable growth. January to June 2016 shows a 5% increase in # of units sold in Bismarck. Prices are holding steady.

ND #1 on Gallup's Good Jobs Rate
(Source: www.ndmatters.nd.gov, March 2016)
For the 3rd straight year, ND ranks 1st in good jobs according to Galllup, which tracks the percentage of the U.S. adult population aged 18 and older who are employed full time for 30 hour/week.

Burleigh County 9th healthiest in ND
(Source: www.countyhealthrankings.org, 2016)
A study compared health in most U.S. counties on 30+ factors influencing health (jobs, education, housing, smoking, food, etc.). Burleigh ranked 9th.

Bismarck #2 most affordable place to live
(Source: www.livability.com/top-10/families (2016))
Livability looks for reasonably "cheap" places to live that also offer high livability and high incomes--places where people WANT to live vs. those with only cheap housing. Bismarck is ranked 2nd.

ND top of Gallup Good Jobs...again!
(Source: Gallup Jan. 2016)
For the 3rd year in a row, ND had the highest Gallup Good Jobs employment rate among the 50 US states, at 51.5%.

ND named best-run state 4th year in row
(Source: ndmatters@nd.gov, Jan. 2016)
24/7 Wall Street says ND is the best-run state based on financial health, standard of living, govt. services, unemployment & gross domestic product.

ND's population reaches all-time high
(Source: ndmatters@nd.gov, Jan. 2016)
ND's population increased 2.5% (16,887) for a record 756,927 residents--beating last year's record.

Bismarck #2 Best Performing Small City
(Source: BMDA Dec. 2015)
2015 Milken Institute Best-Performing Cities Index ranks US metro areas on job creation, sustaining jobs, economic growth, wages, tech growth, etc. Bismarck moved up 2 spots to place 2nd.

State population gets younger
(Source: Bismarck Tribune, Nov. 4, 2015)
North Dakota is now the 4th youngest state per capita in the US behind Utah, Alaska & Texas.

ND 2nd richest state in US
(Source: sayanything blog, July 16, 2015)
Thanks to the oil boom and some very good years in agriculture, ND has shot to the top of the list in terms of personal income levels. Per-capita income, adjusted for taxes/prices, is $47,372 in ND.

ND #1 growth: Bureau of Economic Analysis
(Source: ndmatters@nd.gov, June 2015)
ND's growth outpaced all other states last year leading the nation in economic growth for 4 of the past 5 years due to economic production, new jobs, rising wages and increasing export sales.

ND ranked 6th best state for business
(Source: ndmatters@nd.gov, June 2015)
CNBC ranked all 50 state on over 60 measures of competitiveness and ND placed 6th in the US.

Bismarck 4th easiest city to find a job
(Source: Gallup Poll, Aug. 2014)
ZipRecruiter lists Bismarck among 20 easy cities to find a job due to an unemployment rate of 1.9%.

ND ranks 5th for quality of life
(Source: ndmatters@nd.gov, July 3, 2014)
ND is now producing more than 1 million barrels of oil a day. ND joins TX, AK, CA and LA, though TX is the only other state still producing that amount.

ND leads nation in housing development
(Source: ndmatters@nd.gov, Nov. 2014)
Organization for Economic Coop. & Develop. says employment at 81.8% (1st in US), disposable income $31,184 (12th), voter turnout 64% (19th), and homicides at 3 per 100,000 people (32nd) makes ND 5th in the US in well-being and quality of life.

ND students score in top 3 on ACT exam
(Source: ND Dept. of Public Instruction, Sept. 2014)
ND students had an avg. ACT composite score of 20.6 and is 1 of only 12 U.S. states that requires all juniors to take the exam compared to states where mostly college-bound students take the ACT.

ND tops categories in Gallup Poll
(Source: Gallup Poll, Aug. 2014)
North Dakotans have a positive view of where they live, coming out 1st in 17 Gallup categories such as excellent K-12 education, standard of living, business starts, air quality, and judicial system.

ND among best states to retire
(Source: CNN Money, May 2014)
The 5 best states for retirement according to Bankrate are (in order) SD, CO, UT, ND and WY. Factors include low state and local taxes, lack of crime, and easy access to quality healthcare.

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