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Info Map H-O

Head Start:


Health Curriculum:

In elementary school, BPS uses a comprehensive health curriculum called Health and Wellness. These materials cover growth and nutrition, personal health and safety, drugs and disease prevention, community and environmental health, and mental, emotional and social health. The elementary health curriculum also includes Toward-No-Tobacco (TNT) to address tobacco issues, and LIFESKILLS, which teaches values such as caring, truthfulness, and responsibility. One semester of health is offered to all 7th grade students, along with additional elements of health being addressed in grades 6-8, some of which may include the Lifeskills program. In senior high, students may elect to take a more in-depth health class, which also includes family and parenting education. Health at the high school level is also integrated throughout the physical education curriculum. For more information on the health curriculum, call the Curriculum Director, (701) 323-4084.

Home Education:

The State of North Dakota provides an option for parents through which they can educate their own children at home. More details can be found in our Home Education Handbook and by calling (701) 323-4074.


See Students in Transition

High School:

See Senior High or Curriculum

Indian Education:

Services for American Indian students are in the form of tutorial services, home/school liaison, school supplies and cultural programs that are offered through the Johnson O'Malley program (tribally funded) and the Title VII Indian Education program (federally funded). To learn more, call (701) 323-4050.

JOM (Johnson O'Malley):

See Indian Education


The school system offers free full day, every day kindergarten for children who are five years old by July 31 of that school year. Registration starts in January. To learn more, call Central Registration, (701) 323-4110. At the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year, x,xxx kindergarten children were enrolled in the school district.


All Bismarck School libraries are staffed with certified library media specialists. In grades K-5, there are 16 elementary library media specialists serving 16 elementary schools. In grades 6-12, there are 7 library media specialists serving 3 middle schools and 5 high schools. All of the school libraries have at least one library aide. Libraries are open before and after school each day. The district Library Media Office at Hughes Educational Center is open year round and provides instructional resources to all BPS educators, as well as area public and private schools who are members of the Teacher Center. The district library web page is at Individual school library web pages have a link from the district library web page and also at the top of each school's home page. For more information on library media services, call (701) 323-4075.


See Child Nutrition

Middle School:

Bismarck has three schools serving grades 6-8: Horizon, Simle and Wachter. They each serve 870-1,030 students, for a total population at the beginning of the 2016-17 school year of 2,895 students. For information on curriculum in these schools, call the school office or the Curriculum Director, (701) 323-4084.


The district employs trained music teachers to provide one hour of instruction each week for all students in grades K-5. In addition, students in grades 4 and 5 may participate in an extracurricular string instructional program. Band instrument instruction is available for 6th graders five days per week. Middle school and senior high students may choose a variety of band, choir and orchestra electives as part of their regular class schedule. They may also take additional music courses as extra-curricular activities. Parents are invited to concerts throughout the school year. These concerts are free at the elementary and middle school level; there is a charge at the senior highs, but booster tickets are available. There is usually a fee for multi-grade music programs and/or concerts held at an outside venue, like the Event Center or Belle Mehus Auditorium. To learn more, call the Fine Arts Office, (701) 323-4082 (see "Extra-curricular").

Noon Hours:

Lunch times vary from school to school. Middle school students must stay on campus during the noon hour; senior highs have an open campus policy.


Bismarck Public Schools has 3 part-time and 4 full-time school nurses to serve our 16 elementary schools, 1 FT nurse serving BECEP/Head Start, and 1 FT nurse serving Special Education. To learn more, call (701) 323-4024.

Open Enrollment:

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