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Info Map C & D

Camp Edventure:

In grades 1-5, there is a 6-week summer school program called Camp Edventure designed to boost academic success of all elementary students. It runs from 8 am to noon daily and is state-funded and free to students. Classes are no larger than 15 students per teacher. For more information on elementary summer school, call (701) 323-4280.

Career and Technical Education:

Bismarck Public Schools offers a variety of Career and Technical elective course options for students. The three middle schools, Horizon, Wachter, and Simle, offer classes in Family and Consumer Science and Technology Education. Three high schools, Bismarck, Century, and Legacy, have courses in Family and Consumer Science, Marketing, Business/Marketing, and Medical Related Careers.

At the Career Academy and Technical Center located on the Bismarck State College campus, BPS students and other area high school students have an opportunity to take Aviation, Auto Technology, Auto Collision, Carpentry, Engineering, Math for the 21st Century, Horticulture/Botany (approved science credit for graduation), Applied Mechanics, Welding, Electronics, Graphic Communications, and Medical Related Careers. Articulation and Dual Credit arrangements with post-secondary institutions are available upon request. To learn more, call the Career Academy, (701) 323-4340.

Child Nutrition:

Breakfast and lunch are available for all BPS students. Elementary students pay $1.15 for breakfast; lunch is $2.00. Middle school and senior high students pay $1.25 for breakfast; $2.50 for lunch, depending on a la carte items purchased. Reduce lunch for students is 40-cents. Adults pay $1.75 for breakfast; $3.25 for lunch. Applications for free or reduced meals are available from the Child Nutrition Office, (701) 323-4090.

Class Size:

The district tries to keep class size at a maximum of 23 students in grades K-3 and 28 students in grades 4-5. If a classroom has more students than the preferred number, a teacher aide is usually provided. The average class size in grades K-5 in 2016-2017 is 20 students. For middle school, it was 24; for senior high it was 22.


Bismarck Public Schools has computers in all classrooms. Fixed computer labs and/or mobile laptop labs are available at all schools and grade levels. The student-to-computer ratio district-wide is 1.3 to 1 as of May 2016.


Parent-teacher conferences are held at all public schools; schools set their own schedules for conferences, usually in the fall and spring. In 2016-2017, the parent-teacher conference days OFF will be December 23 and April 17 for students in grades K-12.


All elementary schools have a full time or part time counselor. In addition, schools have student assistance teams made up of administrators, teachers, and other specialists. Middle schools serve 800-900 students and employ 3 counselors each. At the senior highs, counselors provide students with academic, career and personal guidance. Bismarck and Century High Schools each have 4 counselors for about 1,300 students. Legacy has 4 counselors for about 1,100 students. South Central has 1.5 counselors for about 50 students, and the Bismarck Career Academy and Technical Center combined have 2 career advisors.

Course Load:

The minimum course load for high school seniors is 5 classes per semester; 6 classes for juniors and sophomores, 7 class periods for freshmen, and 7 to 8 class periods for middle school students.


Bismarck Public Schools curriculum is formally reviewed and revised on an ongoing basis. New courses, materials, and activities are frequently added. The Curriculum Director can provide further information. Call (701) 323-4084.

Elementary, K-5: The district offers a comprehensive elementary school curriculum which includes English Language Arts (reading, writing, speaking), math, social studies, science and health. All students also have a regular weekly library period, art, and music instruction. Physical education classes taught by trained P.E. instructors are offered in grades K-5.

Middle School, 6-8: In middle school, students take the following courses each year: English, social studies/history, math, science, and physical education. Other classes such as health, reading/communication and career education are also required. Elective courses include STEM, band, orchestra, choir, keyboarding, art, study skills, home skills, industrial technology, foreign language, general business, and other vocational courses. Contact any middle level school for a copy of its course catalog or visit a middle school under the "Schools" link at the top of the page at www.bismarckschools.org

High School, 9-12: BPS requires students to have a minimum of 24 credits to graduate--15 required courses and 9 electives. The required core subjects include 4 credits of English, 3 credits of Social Studies, 3 credits of Math, 3 credits of Science, and 2 credits of Physical Education. Students receive their elective credits by choosing from a multitude of classes offered at Bismarck High, Century, Legacy, South Central, the Career Academy, and the Bismarck Technical Center. Contact any of these facilities for a complete course catalog or visit www.bismarckschools.org, choose the "Schools" link and navigate to a high school site.

Digital Learning:

There are a variety of digital learning environments at Bismarck Public Schools. BPS is a member of the Great Western Network, an entity that provides interactive TV services for area school districts. Bismarck also provides online/blended course opportunities for high school students through a learning management system and digital resources. For more information, call the BPS Technology Director, (701) 323-4041.

Drop Out Rate:

In 2015-2016, Bismarck and Century High Schools had a dropout rate of 0.7% or 19 students.

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